Bamboo Tray Bengaluru

Bamboo Tray Bengaluru

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Bamboo Trays are a perfect way to accessorize, organize, and store items at home, office, home office, or other dwellings. We offer storage solutions that complement lifestyles. They are 100% Eco Friendly to promote sustainable living. They can be utilized as closet organization bins, clothes baskets, child / kid room toy storage, living room sundry storage, cat & dog toy storage, book and magazine organizer, file organizer, bathroom towel and toilet storage, weddings, hampers and many other uses.

Material: Bamboo & Rattan
Care Advise: Owing to the material's natural characteristics, it is advised to avoid direct contact with water and keep away from high moisture areas.

By using our trays you can contribute in reducing plastic usage and giving a greener earth to coming generations.

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