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Urban Plantscape

FLORALIS Air Pruning Geo Fabric Grow Bags 10x10

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Floralis Home & Garden products provides the ultimate experience of landscaping & gardening in your homes, offices & more.
Want to grow your own Organic Tomato, Capsicum, Chilies, Ladies Finger, Greens & Flowers at Home ? Our smart fabric grow bags are specially designed for your precious plants. They are 10 times stronger and 5 times more durable than plastic grow bags. 100% Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free & biodegradable, our bags are made with breathable geo fabric.

Item: FLORALIS Air Pruning Geo Fabric Grow Bags 10x10

Size: 10 x 10 Inches

GSM: 400

Available Packs: Pack of 3,5,7 & 10

Available Colors: Floralis growbags are available in many attractive colors like

Black, White, Grey

Fabric: FLORALIS Plant Grow Bags are made from Geotouch Virgin Geo Fabric Felt. Geotouch Fabric Felt will feel sturdy in comparison with Recycled Fabrics but FLORALIS Plant Grow Bags will Last more than 5 Years, they are more UV Resistant, more Breathable & Stronger.
Capacity: Each FLORALIS Plant Grow Bag has the capacity to hold up to 4 Gallon of Soil/Soil Mix. Sufficient to grow most types of Vegetable, Fruit & Flower Plants.
Stitching: FLORALIS Grow Bags are Serging Stitched with Coats of Outdoor UV Resistant Polyester Thread for Strength & Durability. They have wide cross stitched handles for Durability & Ease of Handling.
Uses: Our heavy duty Breathable Geo Fabric Grow Bags are highly durable, Eco Friendly & Non- Plastic. Floralis growbags are ideal for plants in Indian weather conditions for growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, indoor & outdoor plants in your Homes, Indoors, Balcony, Terrace, Outdoors, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Resorts and much more. They can be easily folded and stored with minimal space, can be easily moved in different locations or planted directly on the ground. It encourages root pruning rather than root circling. Grows healthier plants with higher yields. It sheds excess water & heat through breathable geo fabric. Our bags can be used for upto 15 plant cycles. It sheds extra heat & water through breathable fabric. Best for Flower Plants, Indoor Plants and other Small Plants. Extensively Minimizes the Transplant Shock while Re Potting. Ideal for Large Nurseries, Urban & Home, Kitchen or Terrace Gardening.
Care Instructions: Our growbags are completely reusable & washable.
Buy our plant & nature friendly growbags now and start gardening !!