Crate planter with Jade

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Floralis is now Presenting Natural Plants from "Wandering Roots"

The Jade plant is assumed to promote growth and prestige in Asian countries.
It’s a sign of good luck and stability in Astrology since it’s an evergreen herb.
It’s the ideal plant for one’s homes and offices.
Even, a jade plant may be a perfect wedding gift and a lovely home decoration.

1. Jade Plant Improves Indoor Air Quality
2. Increases indoor Humidity
3. Absorbs CO2 in Night
4. Brings Luck for home

Item Name : Crate planter with Jade

Quantity: Wooden crate with 2 terracotta pots & 2 plastic plates 

Material: Natural

Size: 31.5 cm  x 13 cm x 16 cm 

Delivery Time: Approx. 7 working days

Care Instructions: Water the jade plant once the surface of its soil is hard to the fingertips.
Be careful and do not overwater your jade plant; otherwise, leaves will become yellow and begin to rot.
If the jade plant drops leave and have leaf stains, this is most usually induced by even less watering.

The amount of sunshine they get is an essential part of their care and protection of jade plants. To grow it correctly, they need direct sunlight.
They have to be left at least once in a week in direct sunlight for their healthy development.

Disclaimer: The display photo is for reference only and pots may differ from the picture

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