Global Plywood

Global Plywood (2440*1220*6mm)

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Floralis gets to you rotary-cut, smooth veneer, sourced from specially selected eco-friendly timber from the house of Global Plywood. It is dimensionally stable with lesser susceptibility to weather variance and the alterrnate layers of veneer gives the panel a better look. It is chemically treated for borer and termite resistance and more durable, hence, cost effective.

This provide ideal solutions for personal and office spaces using indigenous technology that gives your furniture a distinctive edge in terms of craft and endurance.

Item Name: Global Plywood

Quantity: 1

Material: Plywood

Dimension: 2440mm x 1220mm X 6mm

Delivery Time: Approx. 8 -10 working days
Currently, delivering only in Chennai

Warranty: 10 years

Disclaimer: The display photo is for reference only and actual product may differ from it.