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Wandering Roots


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Staying true to our roots, our latest offering is Home or House plants. It requires minimal caring but adds maximum beauty to any it home, office, bathrooms, living spaces, dining rooms, libraries, etc.

The Jade plant is assumed to promote growth and prestige in Asian countries.
It’s also a sign of good luck and stability in astrology since it’s an evergreen herb.
It’s a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, etc.

Item Name : Jade

Quantity: 1 pcs

Material: Natural

Size: 10cms

Delivery Time: Approx. 5 working days
Currently, delivering only in Kolkata.

Care Instructions: Water jade plant once the surface of its soil is hard to the fingertips. Be careful and do not overwater jade plant; otherwise, leaves will become yellow and begin to rot. If the jade plant droops and has leaf stains, it is mostly due to water shortage. It needs direct sunlight. It needs to be left at least once in a week in direct sunlight for their healthy development.

Disclaimer: The display photo is for reference only and crate may differ from the picture. Please check with us for specific crates, designs, sizes and colours while placing order.