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Mohendra Dutta & Sons

i-Auto Motorised Umbrella

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Floralis gets to you stylish umbrella's from the famous "Mohendra Dutta & Sons". Enjoy the rains, revel in that cosy feeling without comprimising on ease and convenience of travelling in rain with this special i-auto motorised umbrella. This is a fully automatic electric umbrella powered by lithium battery. It has an automatic clear shift control, teflon fabric protector and fully integrated water proof casing.

Item Name: i-Auto Motorised Umbrella

Quantity: 1 pcs

Dimensions: Length - 17.5"

Material: Teflon, Battery - Lithium

Colours: Black

Care Instructions: Leave the umbrella canopy open until completely dry. Use a handheld scrub brush to clean the entire umbrella.

Delivery Time: Approx. 7 working days

Disclaimer: The display photo is for reference only and actual product may differ from it.